Fisher-Price Disney/ Pixar Cars 2 Spiral Speedway Grand Prix

The only bad thing about this toy is that the name is toooo long!
Other than that, we love it! My boys received this for Christmas and literally played with it – right then and there – for about 2 hours!

Now, how this monotonous, circular racing motion with the same two cars entertains the kids for hours on end – I have no idea :-) But it does! We also love it because:

1) Both of my sons – age 2 and 4 – enjoy playing with it together.
2) It’s pretty durable, all one piece, and already assembled!!
3) It’s not too bad on cost – $25.

The online reviews seem to be mixed. This track does only work with the two cars that come with it. My husband and I  just let the boys play with these cars on this track only and, when they are done, we put the cars in an easy place that the boys can’t get to. Suprisingly, it hasn’t been a major issue and we haven’t lost the cars.

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